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David S. Arbuckle, President & Chair of the Board


David Arbuckle, President of David Arbuckle Consulting, Inc. presents public policy solutions to enable businesses, political candidates, elected officials and other organizations to better serve their customers, constituencies and communities. DAC Inc is a Native American owned business.

After more than 33 years' experience with AT&T, David incorporated a small business to share big business expertise with leaders of business, government and community.  While David benefited from seeing and serving many diverse communities, he learned the business and politics literally from the ground up.  Whether climbing telephone poles to connect customers, supervising network operations, directing public affairs teams, lobbying, running business and political campaigns or advocating for the Texas High Speed Train, he worked with business leaders, elected officials, Native American Tribes and community leadership in three states (OK, AZ & TX) for over 32 years in public policy arenas.

A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, David led efforts in producing best case results for communities, customers by efficiently working through his employers and clients. In building sustainable value by combining clients with communities, he led Chambers of Commerce, Work Force Boards, Education efforts, social betterment organizations and charitable entities.  Spanning a wide spectrum of activities, all centered on coordinating clients, colleagues and communities to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for multiple and diverse constituencies.


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Solutions are priced on a time, place and resource sensitive basis. Initial consultations are without charges.  It's a competitive world and prices will be negotiated based on recognition of this.  DAC Inc reserves the right to take or not take on work solely at the discretion of the President  and Board Chair of DAC Inc..

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