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Persuasive Communications-customized creation of written material and editing of existing content to drive your messaging and all forms of communications with key stakeholders. Crafted to connect to customers, constituents and potential brand advocates, to efficiently and expeditiously enable you to achieve your goals.  


Positive Presentation-after developing the desired message, make sure it gets heard.  Your highest priority goals deserve deliberate delivery.  Whether leading your internal team or dealing with external conflicts and controversies, align all aspects of your message to your audience.  


Managing Change/Product Launch-conveying concepts or "selling" ideas are central to your success.   Implementing change presents many challenges.  Gain the experience earned over 40 years of constant change by collaborating to create unique and effective methods and procedures to push your team's potential or product suite forward.  Thoroughly reviewing existing operations or developing "greenfield" plans can return your attention to more profitable pursuits.    


Leadership Development/Team Management-the challenges of leading a business in an era of 24 x 7, real-time reaction often requires more time than even the most skilled and savvy business operators care to devote when allocating reources.  In many cases, these types of problems resolve more efficiently with third party "eyes." With the experience of participating in leadership programs in 9 cities and 3 states and working in both large corporate and start-up environments, your enterprise can realize greater profits and fewer headaches.  The high degree of confidentiality and competency offered can greatly reassure you on matters of the utmost importance-who runs operations in your absence, and how well your staff performs when employees believe no one is watching.  


When your organization has problems, there are solutions. If your business or organization experiences rapid growth, seeks to preserve positions of strength, or needs to identify areas of improvement, you'll benefit from capable help.   Contact me.  




Concepts Build Solutions

Solutions are priced on a time, place and resource sensitive basis. Initial consultations are without charges.  It's a competitive world and prices will be negotiated based on recognition of this.  DAC Inc reserves the right to take or not take on work solely at the discretion of the President  and Board Chair of DAC Inc..

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